Al-Numan Gharios El Chemor


H I S  I M P E R I A L  A N D  R O Y A L  H I G H N E S S

Maestro Rodolfo Walvy (Walwyn) Jr. (1890-1976) was born in Brazil, son of Mr. Rudolph Walwyn from the British Family known as "Walwyns of Longworth". He was Gharios' great grandfather by mother line.

The Maestro was considered in his time one of the great talents in Southern Brazil.

From 2006 on, Gharios starred in several movies, TV shows and commercials; amongst them: the short fims "O monge das carnes cruas" (the monk of the raw meats), "Vitamina" (Vitamin) and "O misterio da japonesa" (The mystery of the Japanese); commercials for national corporations in Brazil like GVT phone company, UOL Internet provider etc

In 2008, directed, hosted and produced the variety TV show "VIP Express" . In 2009 the show changed the name to "VIP show", in total, almost one hundred episodes of the show, shot in Brazil and in the United States (NY and Florida). In the same year, directed the show "Livre para ser e pensar" (Free to be and think). In December 2009 received a great honor from the Parana State Senate for his artistic work. Also starred the long length movie "Musica e Violencia" (Music & Violence) directed and produced by the Schummann brothers, yet to be released.

In 2011, along with Nova Entertainment Group produced and co-wrote the music video "Finally Free" with singer Julia Mallmann in NY, directed by Frankie Nasso.

In 2013 was appointed as a Board Member for the Monaco Film Festival. In 2014, was special guest at the 8th NDU International Film Festival in Beirut, Lebanon. In the same year, was part of the awarded documentary "Ode to my other" (winner of the IndieFest Film Awards 2014) and was the Executive Producer of the short film "Agency".

In 2015, was appointed as Member of the of the Honorary Committee of the Asian World Film Festival. 

In 2021, has received the AOF Icon award from the Action On Film International Film Festival, also known as the Action On Film Festival. The AOF Icon award was received by many Hollywood starts and world class martial artists like: David Carradine, Jeff Speakman, Cynthia Rothrock, Don “the dragon” Wilson, Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Art Camacho, Michael Jay White, Nick Mancuso, Tom Sizemore, Michael Madsen, Bill Duke, Bob Wall, John Saxson, Kim Coates, etc. 

In the same year, was inducted in the Grandmasters Hall of Fame of the World Martial Arts Masters Association counting on several major names in the international martial arts as Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Royce Gracie, Samuel Kwok, Randy Couture, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Benny “the Jet” Urquidez, Steven Seagal, Don Wilson, Al Dacascos, Cynthia Rothrock, Ron Van Clief, Keith Vitali, etc.

Gharios is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA in the United States and the SATED (SAG equivalent) in Brazil holding over 400 (four hundred) credits as a producer, director, actor and writer. Is the founder and CEO of Tyche-Fortuna Enterprises a company specialized in entertainment & marketing  (consulting and production).

Please, enjoy three of his songs produced by Jeff Sabbag and interpreted by soloist Ulrike Graf:


"The art when it's pure and genially inspired invades and conquers the spirits that surround and in them, translates itself indelibly. It's what happens with the simple and delightful compositions of R. Walvy."

"Well appreciated in our capital as well as in almost all the capitals of the country, the competent musician Rodolpho Walvy. Author of numerous delicate compositions made his name widely known today and his productions are generally accepted with pleasure."


Since his teenage years, Gharios have studied the scenic arts. His mentor was Professor Armando Maranhao, one of the founders of the Comedy Theater in Brazil, being even cited in one of Professor Maranhao's books "Caricaturas" (Caricatures) as one of the great names raised by him. Gharios had the classical training in Greek and Shakespeare and started professionally as a Theater Director in 1994 co-directing the play "Women of Athens" (from the classical Greek Lysistrata of Aristophanes). On the following year, directed "Bailei na curva" (danced in the curve), a political play speaking about the years of military dictatorship in Brazil.

Gharios also has the music in his blood. He's the great grandson (from his mother's side) of the British-Brazilian Maestro Rodolfo Walvy Jr. and Gharios' mother was also a pianist. The first Gharios' professional band was "The TommyGuns" founded in 1996 with Rogério Dziedzick, who later became the keyboard player for the famous Brazilian band "Reles Publica". In 1998, produced a music concert with the new generation of The Platters (Zola Taylor's group) for over a 4,000 people in Curitiba, Brazil. From this year on, Gharios worked in several productions with the international star Steven Seagal, representing the movie star in South America. His first movie was the awarded "Onde of poetas morrem primeiro" (Where the poets die first, Brazil 1999), directed and produced by the Schummann Brothers. Because his name was very hard to pronounce, Gharios used the stage name "Mauricio Guerios".

In 2001, was the Assistant to the 2nd unit director and Assistant Stunt's Coordinator of the American movie "Power Play", starring Dylan Walsh, Tobin Bell and Alicia Eastwood.
In 2002, joined the comedian Diogo Portugal hosting, writing, directing and producing his show Cabaret for 3 years of sold out performances. In 2004, Gharios also starred and wrote the comedy radio show "Boa Noite Cinderela" (Good night Cinderella) on the Transamerica radio station. Both Gharios and Diogo produced and starred the awarded daily TV show "A hora do mico" (the monkey's time) in 2005 on SBT network. Gharios has directed all of the 125 (one hundred and twenty five) episodes. In 2005, Gharios directed the largest Comedy Festival of Latin America, the "Risorama" second edition. In the same year, directed the 2nd unit of the action movie "Conexao Japao" (Japan Connection). In the end of 2005, Gharios and Diogo went in separate ways.

Also in 2005, after a small hiatus, "The TommyGuns" band had a new formation having only Gharios from the original group. Joined him some musicians from the veteran band "Dr. Smith". "The TommyGuns" performed several concerts playing classic Rock'r'Roll and Blues in a tour sponsored by Transamerica FM, the second biggest radio station in Brazil.   


(Prince's maternal great grandfather)