Alnuman Gharios El Chemor

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DON'T GIVE UP ON THE MIDDLE EAST, DON'T GIVE UP ON PEACE! - Prince Gharios calls all the people to do their share in order of raising awareness that our problems are men-made and can be solved by men. If you believe in peace, join us sharing this video on your social media.

INTERVIEW ZENIT (Rome) - Prince ‘Dirties Hands’ to Help Middle East Christians Have One Concrete Voice. Prince Gharios of Ghassan Explains Why Situation Facing Region’s Christians Compares to ‘Patient With Cardiac Arrest’... READ MORE




ONE VOICE FOR THE CHRISTIANS IN THE MIDDLE EAST - The creation of a Council composed by all Christian denominations present in the region with the sole objective of debating and acting onthe practical issues involving the existence of Christianity in the Middle East. A major international player with standing in the United Nations... LEARN MORE

THE ROYAL HERALD - The official periodical of the Sovereign Imperial & Royal House of Ghassan. Read about the achievements of 2015, the meetings with Pope Francis and with Sheikh Juma Al Maktoum from the Royal House of Dubai. All the Royal travels, projects and awards... READ MORE

HIRH Prince Gharios El-Chemor is interviewed by German journalist and author Martin Lohmann talking about the " situation of Christians in the Middle East" Prince Gharios, the head of the only Christian Royal dynasty in activity in the Middle East also talks about his  idea of a joint council of the Christian denominations , so that Christians may have a common voice in the Middle East. An interesting interview of Martin Lohmann - exclusively for ! ... LEARN MORE

Ecumenical And inter-religious Dialogue